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Acoustically the specialist who thinks in solutions

Artcoustiq is the specialist in improving acoustics in every room. By muffling reverberation and absorbing sounds, you create a soothing and above all healthy living environment. Artcoustiq designs beautiful works of art with acoustic materials for home and office use.

Artcoustiq has an extensive collection of acoustic products:

More than acoustic works of art

Want to create a warm and stylish atmosphere without an acoustic work of art? That is also possible. In addition to our sound-absorbing products, we also offer wall decoration in the form of wall circles and luxury photo wallpaper. De wall circles are made of Dibond, a high-quality aluminum with a plastic core.
Advantages of the Dibond wall circles:

  • Easy to hang
  • UV-resistant and waterproof
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Also available with your own photo

Choose from the extensive art collection or opt for your own design. Do you want advice or do you have questions? Then contact us. Our specialists are happy to help you improve the acoustics and create a unique and stylish space.

+31 (0) 85 505 09 99

This is how we improve the acoustics

Artcoustiq's acoustic range is glued with sustainable acoustic material, which consists of 90% cotton fibers from recycled jeans. An extra layer of acoustic material has been processed in the premium panel. As a result, the sound is absorbed to the maximum. We thereby reduce the reverberation, improve the acoustics and create peace and comfort.

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