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Artcoustiq was founded by Olav de Glas and Herbert Verweij. Both professionally and privately, the two gentlemen often visited people and what often struck them was the poor acoustics in the various rooms. The men knew that poor acoustics could lead to physical complaints such as fatigue, concentration problems and headaches. The two seasoned entrepreneurs decided to join forces and develop high-quality artistic, acoustic works of art with a high sound absorption capacity for more peace and comfort. The collection has since grown considerably and expanded with non-acoustic products such as wall circles and luxury photo wallpaper.

Thanks to years of experience as an entrepreneur in the printing, marketing and advertising world, Olav knows everything about the functionality and usability of the (acoustic) products. Herbert comes from the commercial sector and is the creative person. This creative spirit of Artcoustiq brings the aesthetic aspect with it.


Our products are easy to order and easy to assemble



Our products are made with great care. We stand behind the quality of our product


Many of our products improve your living environment and therefore your health


Our products are made from recycled material as much as possible

Why Artcoustiq

For every person, we must always strive for a pleasant living environment. This also includes optimizing the acoustics. Modern furnishings often have to contend with a minimalist interior, often with hard materials such as cast floors, concrete walls and glass walls. We improve the acoustics with art and / or (photo) wallpaper that suits every interior.

Artcoustiq provides a pleasant living environment

In addition to the beautiful images in our offer, we also take care of your hearing. We create peace in the room by improving the acoustics.

Our collection for every interior

We have a collection for every type of interior. Our collection changes regularly. Your own image is also possible, we can help with the layout of this image.

Service is of paramount importance

Our team is here for you and will do everything they can to help, solve and advise.

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