Marble White

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-This product improves acoustics.
-Easy to hang.
-100% recyclable.
-Creates peace of mind for home workers, among others.
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Marble is metamorphosed limestone, consisting of very pure calcium carbonate. The different marble types have densities ranging between 2500 and 2800 kg / m3 lie. Because of its beautiful, almost transparent light, consistency, relative isotropy and homogeneity, marble is in great demand as a building material and in sculpture, although it is quite a hard stone to work by hand. The temperatures and pressures required to convert limestone into marble are so high that any fossils present in the limestone are destroyed.

White marble has been used in sculpture since ancient times. Both Greek and Roman sculptors had a preference for this material, partly because the light penetrates a few millimeters into the stone.

In the construction world, the term marble is also used for other useful chalky and non-lime stone types. The word "marble" comes from the Greek word marmaros which means “shining stone”.

Marble is a precious building block. That is why a fake marble pattern is sometimes applied to wood, this is called marble.

In folklore, marble is associated with the zodiac sign Gemini. Plain white marble is a sign of purity and immortality and of success in study.

Source: Wikipedia

Wall panels

The wall panels offer an artistic solution in your interior to eliminate or reduce reverberation. In our range we offer both Artcoustiq Basic and Artcoustiq Premium panels. For both panels, the printed fabric is glued with durable acoustic material, which consists of 90% cotton fibers from recycled jeans. An extra layer of acoustic material has been incorporated in the premium panel. Thanks to the extra second layer, the sound is absorbed to the maximum. The premium panel also has a firmer and thicker frame. We therefore recommend premium panels for optimal sound absorption. In addition to our own range of prints and images, you also have the option to choose an image for your panel. Make sure the resolution is high enough. Furthermore, the panels are supplied complete, including a handy hanging system.

Top layer - 100% recyclable polyester
Backing - recycled jeans
Max size: 230 X 160 cm
Frame thickness: Basic - 3 cm Premium 4,2 cm
Frame: Aluminum
Acoustic Value 
Basic 0,65
Premium 0,90
(on a scale from 0 to 1)


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