What are acoustic wall panels?

You hang acoustic wall panels on the wall and ensure less reverberation in a room. The panels absorb sound, creating a quieter environment and improving acoustics. This prevents irritation, headaches and fatigue and improves productivity. In the office, employees can concentrate better when there is little noise pollution. Guests are also more likely to return in the catering industry if the acoustics are good.


The acoustic wall panels come in two variants: basic and premium.

What is an absorbance value?

The name actually says it all; the sound is recorded by the acoustic wall panels. As a result, sound waves are slowed down and thereby absorbed. In addition to the acoustic wall panels, furniture, floor coverings and curtains also have an absorption value.

What materials are the acoustic wall panels made of?

The panels consist of an aluminum frame filled with acoustic material. This material is made from recycled jeans. The premium panels contain an extra layer of acoustic material, so that the sound can be absorbed even better.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes of the acoustic wall panels?

The minimum size is 20 x 20 cm and the maximum size is 230 x 160 cm.

What can I use the acoustic wall panels for?

The panels can be used to improve sound quality in a specific room. For example, the panels can be used in office spaces, schools, theater and catering. Depending on the size of the panel, the more sound can be absorbed. The panels are for indoor use only.

Why is there a distance between the panel and the wall with the Basic wall panels?

By creating an air cavity of 2 cm, certain sound waves are more attenuated. This allows the panels to absorb more sound. This works as follows: because sound waves reach the back of the panel, the back of the plate also vibrates. Sound waves reach the wall and bounce back through the panel. High frequencies (tones) are more easily attenuated because the wavelength is faster and shorter. Low tones (slow vibrations) are more difficult to absorb. The speech area is approximately between 500 and 1000 Hz and the absorption value of this panel is 0,65.

Why is there no distance between the panel and the wall with the Premium wall panels?

The frame is thicker, creating more space at the back for an extra layer of acoustic material. This provides more sound insulation than a 2 cm cavity. AcousticPro premium has an absorption value of 0,9. The extra space also ensures that the front of the panel is still slightly further from the wall. Optically there is little or no difference with the basic panel. For optimal sound absorption, we recommend using an Artcoustiq premium panel.

How do I attach an acoustic Basic wall panel?

The frame is easy to attach by screwing the Z-profile to the wall. You can then hang the frame in the Z-profile. When purchasing an Artcoustiq panel you will receive a set of spacers. This allows you to easily create distance at the bottom of the panel.

How do I attach an acoustic Premium wall panel?

With the Premium panel you will receive a different hanging system than with the Basic panel. It is a flat hanging system with which you can easily attach the frame to the wall.

How do I keep my acoustic wall panel clean?

With a microfibre cloth you keep the frame dust-free. You can use a brush head and vacuum cleaner for the acoustic material. (Only use a brush shape.)

There are folds in my acoustic wall panel. What can I do now?

Damage can cause wrinkles, dents and folds in the acoustic material. These are easy to remove by ironing with an iron on wool setting.

The back plate of my frame is damaged. What now?

It doesn't matter if there are scratches on the back plate of the frame. The absorption value of the panel is not affected by this.

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