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Artcoustiq is the specialist in wall decoration and improving acoustics. We absorb annoying reverberation in beautiful art. In addition to our acoustic products, we also have non-acoustic products with hard materials such as dibond and plexiglass. We have put together a nice collection for every type of interior, but if you have your own photo or design, this is also possible.

Solve acoustic problems both in business and in private life


In contemporary interiors we see minimalism, clean lines and industrial designs more and more often.  These interior styles are very popular from an aesthetic point of view, but in some cases cause acoustic problems. Due to the use of hard materials within a sleek interior design, the sound is reflected and an annoying reverberation is created. Annoying, tiring and above all unnecessary. Artcoustiq offers the solution for everyone who wants to live pleasantly, but also want to live in style. Artcoustiq offers tranquility in a sleek and stylish interior. Artcoustiq products slow down the sound waves and absorb the reverberation. In addition, the products can be fully personalized, which also adds more atmosphere to your interior.


Reverberation and health


You probably know that reverberation is annoying. But did you also know that more and more people suffer from mental and physical health problems caused by reverberation?  Think of irritation, loss of concentration, high blood pressure, headaches and fatigue. Your mood is affected and your productivity decreases. Poor acoustics mean employees perform less well, which means that employers unnecessarily miss out on turnover. On the other hand, good acoustics ensure optimal productivity, motivation and performance. In addition, art in the workplace stimulates the creativity of the employees.


Fortunately, acoustics problems are a thing of the past with Artcoustiq products! We offer solutions for every interior: from panels on the wall to various types of dividers and wallpaper. See the Artcoustiq products as an investment that you will benefit from for a long time to come.


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